Tom Cruise shares horrendous video of his ankle injury

January 28, 2018 1:40 pm Published by :
Tom cruise shares horrendous video of his ankle injury

London, January 28: Tom Cruise has shared a ‘behind the scenes’ video from the set of his upcoming movie Mission impossible 6, where he is seen injuring his ankle on Friday. The actor shared the video on The Graham Norton Show, where he was promoting the film with the rest of the cast.

Graham Norton, the host of the show, shared the video from three different angles that showed the exact moment when Cruise was injured.

The video clearly shows the gruesome accident and Norton says that it is not not for the squeamish, before playing the video. The video shows Tom Cruise leaping from a building to another in harness, but rather than landing on the rooftop, he bangs himself against the side of the building, slamming his face and ankle against the concrete.

The video cruise had brought to the program shows the accident from three different angles, including a zoomed-in footage. Cruise was all smiles when the video was played, but his fellow cast members-Simon Pegg, Henry Cavill, and Rebecca Ferguson averted their eyes from witnessing the horrific accident again.

He revealed that the injury was quite serious that the filming of the next flick in the Mission Impossible series was put on hold, although, he resumed the shooting before fully recovering from the injury.