Shooting of Race 3 not stalled; Salman’s manager rubbishes rumours

January 11, 2018 6:02 pm Published by :
Shooting of Race 3 not stalled; Salman's manager rubbishes rumours

After the news of Salman Khan receiving death threat broke out, there were rumours that the filming of Race 3 had been stalled. Salman Khan’s manager, Jordy Patel, has now dismissed the news and assured the fans that the shooting is progressing in full-swing.

The deputy commissioner of Jodhpur Vinay Rathod, denied the news that Salman Khan was escorted out of Jodhpur, where he received the death threats. He added that the police department has not received any complaint regarding the issue.

Salman Khan has been visiting Jodhpur in connection with the black buck case for the past 10 years. He has been in Jodhpur, recently, for one such visit when the Bishnoi community raised death threats against the actor. The Bishnoi community worships the black buck.

Salman Khan allegedly killed two black bucks (chingaraas) while he was hunting with his co-stars in Jhodpur back in 1998. The actor was charged for poaching an endangered animal.