‘What is wrong with that scene?’ defends Jyothi who acted in the controversial ‘Kasaba’ scene

January 10, 2018 2:52 pm Published by :
Jyothi defends Kasaba controversy

Though not familiar with Kerala or the Malayalam film industry, actress Jyothi Shah from Uttarakhand is well updated with the controversy circling around her only Malayalam movie ‘Kasaba’.

Defending her movie and her co-actor Mamooty, Jyothi said that such scenes were quite common in real life and there is nothing to make a big fuss about.

“Don’t actors do negative roles? How many people would have faced the same scenes in their real lives? Shouldn’t a movie portray everything that is happening in a normal society? Should only the virtues of life be shown? The character I played in Kasaba was that of such a lady and like every man with their drawbacks, officer Rajan Scaria(role played by Mamooty) also has his weaknesses. There is nothing wrong with that scene when understanding the facts underlying it” said Jyothi to a popular Malayalam media.

Jyothi also added she didn’t feel uncomfortable doing the scene because artists “as actors were portraying our characters and it has nothing to do with our personal lives.”

“We as actors are responsible to work according to the wishes and orders of a director”, she said.

She concluded saying, “Scenes like this are not only present in Kasaba but in most Bollywood movies that are starred by superstars! Haven’t the so-called ‘problem makers’ watched such movies? Movies will capture the vices and virtues of the society. Watch a movie incorporating all thoughts.”