Denied entry into Bollywood, this man finds his destiny in Latin American cinema

January 9, 2018 4:51 pm Published by :
Bollywood said no,while Costa Rica said yes

Passionate about acting, Prabhakar moved to Mumbai from Bihar, to try his luck with Bollywood. Despite knocking at the doors of most filmmakers, Prabhakar could not make it his ground.

Depressed by his failed attempts, he decided to fly to the Latin American country, Costa Rica, in search of a living. Struggling to live in a foreign land, a Costa Rican girl came into his life, with whom he fell in love and married.

Surpassing through the ups and downs, he hit his jackpot when he decided to make a Bollywood styled Cost Rican movie. He saw this start as a self-renovation phase after his separation from his wife in 2010. Prabhakar could not contain himself when his name appeared as a debutante in the Spanish movie Enredados: La Confusion (Entangled: The Confusion) which became a box office success and was declared one of the most popular films of 2017 across the country.

Prabhakar’s movie is said to be the first Latin American film which has been made in the typical Bollywood manner with the dance number and songs.

Released in February last year, Enredados: La Confusion was distributed by Cinepolis. Looking at the movie’s success, the distributors have decided to release it in other Latin American countries as well, including the US.