Age no barrier to be a mom anymore: Diana Hayden

December 14, 2017 12:15 pm Published by :

Former Miss World Diana Hayden is one of the few celebrities to have endorsed egg freezing. In January 2016, she gave birth to a baby girl, born out of an egg that she had frozen eight years ago. Today, the 44-year old is pregnant once again — with twins.

“Age won’t be a barrier anymore to be a mother — it definitely takes away the pressure. Now, I am having twins at 44. I was 41 when I froze my eggs. The quality of your eggs deteriorate with age, so this is a healthier option. No matter how fit you are, as your body gets older, it is never going to be as fit as it was in your 20s,” she explains.

While egg freezing was an unheard option earlier, Diana gushes about the process. She goes on to say that the procedure is an option for women, who wish to plan a baby later in their lives. She says, “I did it for social reasons. A lot of women find it difficult to conceive… I didn’t want to be with the wrong person to have kids. When I married at 40, I realised I had issues which made it almost 50 per cent difficult for a woman to conceive. So then the eggs that I froze for social reasons came in handy.”

Diana, who acted in a few movies, made a quick exit from Bollywood. She reveals that it isn’t her cup of tea. “I really wasn’t into it. I have been extremely choosy. It was Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen and Priyanka Chopra who were more into films. I love acting, I love theatre and it was never about doing films. I have done couple of things because I loved the script and that’s it,” she confesses.

Meanwhile, Diana is proud of the current Miss World, Manushi Chillar. “She clearly deserved to be the winner,” she beams.