Nadigar Sangam Clashes; Ponvannan withdraws his resignation

December 13, 2017 2:39 pm Published by :

Actor Ponvannan recently announced his resignation from the Vice President post in Nadigar Sangam. He said that he had a difference of opinion with Vishal’s political ambitions and hence decided to stand aside. Now, in today’s urgent press meet, Ponvannan has revealed that he has withdrawn his resignation and would continue to work as the Vice President.

During the press meet, Ponvannan disclosed, “Vishal’s political announcement about R.K.Nagar was definitely unexpected. Vishal gave me a shock. I immediately called up Nasser sir and asked about this. He didn’t have any idea about it. Likewise, when I called Karthi, he also told that he didn’t know. Contesting in the election is his individual right, and he has the fullest rights to decide. But that decision indirectly affected Nadigar Sangam’s motive.

There were criticisms about Nadigar Sangam, and people questioned me. The questions arised because our motive was to stay away from politics. We contested in the elections, placing this agenda in the front. But when the contradiction happened, it turned against me, and people asked me about Vishal’s decision. So, I decided to step aside and work for Nadigar Sangam. Hence, I wrote a letter to the Nadigar Sangam management, addressing President Nassar sir, that I will be resigning from my Vice President post.

The management had a meeting about my discussion, but I couldn’t take part in it, as I was down with health illness. I was told that Vishal wholeheartedly apologized for hurting anyone’s sentiment in the Nadigar Sangam. I was also told that Vishal didn’t expect that his personal move would affect the goodwill of the Sangam. He has promised that things like this won’t happen again. When Vishal has opened up, it is a basic humane courtesy to accept what he said. So, I have decided to withdraw my resignation and be a man.

There’s a star-studded show that we are organising in Malaysia for creating funds for our building. There are more than 200 actors who are working towards making the event successful. So, it wouldn’t be nice if I leave my team halfway like this. We will successfully run the function, and we’d complete our promise of constructing the Nadigar Sangam building.”