Chaos reigns at TFPC meet: Members demand Vishal’s resignation

December 11, 2017 11:07 am Published by :

The Annual General body meeting of Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) was filled with a lot of heated arguments and commotion as a section of producers walked out, as they were unhappy with the work of the Vishal-led team.

This is the first meeting after actor and producer Vishal was elected as the president of the council. Former High Court judge R.S. Ramanathan had been appointed by the Madras High Court to be an observer at the meeting.

T Rajendar, Cheran, and Radhakrishnan are the three notable faces who raised many questions to Vishal and team. T Rajendar said “Vishal and his team are not abiding by the law of TFPC.

They are reluctant to show us the TFPC’s accounts for the past six months. The previous council solved Vaalu satellite issue and assured me that RS 2.5cr would be settled. But I haven’t received the money yet and the new team is not showing any interest in this issue. Before his political entry, Vishal should first solve all the pending issues in the council”.

Outside the venue, Mr. Cheran told reporters that the meeting had abruptly ended. “In a meeting with 400 to 500 members of the council, why is no one being consulted. While a leader should stay and answer questions, Mr. Vishal just spoke and left and no one else got a chance to speak or bring up their concerns,” he said.

Cheran said that Vishal can no longer run the show, he is unable to answer our questions. Members also asked on Vishal’s decision to oppose Tamil Nadu Government in RK Nagar but the President said that the question will be addressed later.

On the meet ended up abruptly, Vishal said “They are not allowing us to do our duties and initiatives. Our accounts are clear and open to all the members”.

“While I agree that everyone should be given a chance to speak on stage, this cannot happen when people are hindering the proceedings of the meeting. People keep alleging that there is corruption but why have they not visited the council’s office and presented any evidence of the same?” he asked.

A section of the council’s members has also called for the resignation of Mr. Vishal from the council president’s post as he has decided to take a plunge in politics as well. A few days ago, the Madras High Court had restrained the Tamil Film Producers Council from taking a final decision on a proposal to amend its by-laws. The council had wanted to bring in a rule stating that only those who had produced and released at least three movies would be permitted to enrol in the association and exercise the right to vote in the elections to the council.