After Suchi Leaks, Another Scandal leaked for this Actress?

December 11, 2017 4:01 pm Published by :

Well, who can forget ‘Suchileaks’? It just created a sensation across the Film industry and most of the actors and actresses were put to shame. Some actresses were got caught red-handed with their rings or tattoos. Even though they denied it wasn’t them, it was obvious that it was them.

One such actress who got caught made a sensational crybaby interview and just cemented that the video belonged to her. But, just like any other incident, with time passing by, everyone forgot that. Now, she has grabbed the headlines once again as she was seen once again with that actor boyfriend in a public place.

And now adding fuel to the fire, everyone is bringing back the Suchileaks issue and now as a revisit, they are being shared virally on the Social media. Some bankable sources towards the actress confessed that the actress is about to marry that actor himself very soon and it will be announced.