Vishal’s Nomination: Dramas Continues

December 7, 2017 5:28 pm Published by :

The nomination process for Chennai’s RK Nagar by poll making controversies each day, and now it is made a U turn.

We all know that Vishal’s nomination to contest the RK Nagar by-polls was rejected twice by the Returning officials and the reason as it was alleged that the application had the signatures of two proposers forged.

Today, another news comes out that, two proposers who signed in the nomination papers are missing.

On the same time the Election Commission has announced the final list of the candidates to contest in the RK Nagar polls.

Pertaining to this Vishal had met with the state’s Chief Electoral Officer Rajesh Lakhoni and had requested for a reconsideration into the matter of his nomination getting rejected.

After considering his request,  it is being reported that if the said two proposers came forward and explained themselves to the Chief Electoral Officer within 3 pm today, there is a chance of Vishal’s nomination getting reconsidered.

While the stipulated time to complete this procedure was by 3 pm, Vishal has taken to his social page saying that the two proposers namely Sumathi and Dheepan are missing. Further the actor expressed anxiety over their saftey as well.

“As time passes by, Dheepan and Sumathi who proposed my nomination are not traceable. I’m very much worried about their safety and security. Whether I win or lose, democracy is truly lost,” Vishal stated.

It should be noted that upon the rejection of Vishal’s nomination the first time, an audio proof was submitted that the two proposers were threatened by the AIADMK Madhusudhanan aides. But again the nomination was rejected citing the lack of veracity in the proof.

Vishal had written to the EC and the RO requesting recalling the rejection of his nomination. If the EC asks the RO to reconsider Vishal’s nomination, the actor could contest the election, scheduled for December 21. “Still awaiting Democracy to lift its head up again…. God save my beloved country from this anarchy!!

#JusticeDelayedIsJusticeDenied,” he tweeted earlier. Vishal had met Chief Electoral Officer Rajesh Lakhoni on Wednesday and petitioned him seeking a recall of the order passed by the RO.

In an exclusive interview with India Today on Wednesday, Vishal had said, “Democracy has been mocked and targeted. The rejection was a big surprise to me; my papers were in order. I didn’t forge any signatures. Rules were flouted. Chennai still witnesses civic apathy. The youth should enter politics. We can’t be mute spectators.”