Do I look like a rowdy? Asks Vishal

December 7, 2017 6:02 pm Published by :

The nomination process for Chennai’s RK Nagar by poll making controversies each day, and now it is made a U turn.

We all know that Vishal’s nomination to contest the RK Nagar by-polls was rejected twice by the Returning officials and the reason as it was alleged that the application had the signatures of two proposers forged.

Today, another news comes out that, two proposers who signed in the nomination papers are missing.

On the same time the Election Commission has announced the final list of the candidates to contest in the RK Nagar polls.

Actor Vishal denied Returning Officer’s alleged claim that he threatened them to accept his nomination.

Speaking to media, Vishal said, “Do I look like a rowdy? Why should I threaten them? I was pleading them to do justice”. He also said that he just wanted to do good for the people of RK Nagar.