Neetu Singh On A Search For Daughter-in-law

December 1, 2017 2:08 pm Published by :

Rumors are very common for the Bollywood celebrities and they often ignore such things. Even if they face vulgar rumors, they just laugh it off. Especially the rumors that a particular heroine is dating her co-star are very common in Bollywood and neither the fans nor the celebs care about them. But some parents of star celebrities take those rumors seriously.

Despite their star status, some celebrities can’t take their own decisions and depend on their families. Similarly, Ranbir Kapoor always confesses that he dicuss it with his family before making a decision and that his family is always suppotive of him and never disrespect his decisions. However, some reports are claiming that his family is currently pressuring Ranbir to get married.

Veretan actress Neetu Singh, mother of Ranbir Kapoor is hunting for a beautiful wife for his son. Scandals are common for Ranbir Kapoor and the rumor that he is dating Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has become a hot topic in Bollywood. To shield his son from such baseless rumors, protective mother Neetu Singh is planning to make her son get married