Here is the Clarification for Kamal Haasan’s video, that went viral

November 27, 2017 2:52 pm Published by :

Yesterday (November 26), a video of actor Kamal Haasan that went viral shows him walking out of a store, greeted by his thronging fans while being escorted by the police and other security. As he walks down the steps from the store to the road, a fan suddenly rushes to him, attempting to fall at his feet and can be seen pushed away from him. Anyone who watched the video would have felt the star pushed the fan away, from that particular camera angle.

We contacted our sources close to Kamal Haasan to the get to the bottom of this, and we were informed about Kamal ‘s perspective in this. According to them, the fan was trying to fall at Kamal’s feet and was pushed away to keep him from doing it. However, later in the day, there was an alternate video of the same incident from a different angle, and it had a different story to tell. We can see the fan was pulled away by the cop protecting Kamal, and not the legendary actor himself. Reportedly, the incident took place in 2015 in Bengaluru, during Uttama Villain time. Actors Gautami and Ramesh Arvind can also be seen in both the videos.

With a relatively old video surfacing online now, is someone trying to cause misinterpretation of this incident at a time when Kamal is trying to take a plunge into politics? If anything, this episode and the following truths that are emerging remind us of Kamal’s own film Virumaandi, which revolved around how perspectives provide a whole new context to things that seem right or wrong on the face of it.

Here is the new video that has surfaced: