Do You Know? Sunny Leone Never faced Sexual Harassment from Bollywood

November 27, 2017 11:02 am Published by :

Sunny Leone survived for 5 Years in Bollywood. She has done a bunch of films in Bollywood and Tollywood so far. Though the success rate is poor, She kept receiving offers from filmmakers because of her ability to make the heads turn.

The Harvey Weinstein episode in Hollywood gave an impression that it’s nearly impossible for an Actress to escape sexual harassment in the Industry. Surprisingly, Sunny Leone says she hasn’t faced any such bad experiences in Bollywood. She, however, claims to have known Actresses who faced sexual harassment. ‘Thank God, such things didn’t happen to Me,’ quips the Beauty.

One of the major reasons why Sunny Leone hasn’t faced such experience so far is the fact that her Husband Daniel will be around her most of the time. He handles the call sheets of Sunny and does the necessary filtering to ensure nobody takes an opportunity to hurt her.

‘PSV Garuda Vega’ is the last release of Sunny Leone. She featured in an Item Number in this spy thriller.