Game of Thrones Hacker Arrested

November 22, 2017 2:20 pm Published by :

Hacking is something that is being reported repeatedly in the recent times. A lot of damage is going to happen with hacking and we already knew that HBO TV Channel was hacked a few months ago. The channel sources have officially revealed that the scripts and plot summaries related to Game of Thrones were hacked.

The cops have arrested a person that time and concluded that an Iranian hacker was behind this. The cops have arrested an Iranian named Mesree for the allegations of blackmail and hacking. The prosecutors have argued that he was also the reason for the hacking of a lot of other stuff and content related to other comedy series which are yet to be telecast.

The USA officers have been alleging that he belongs to Turk Black Hat security hacking group which is Iran based. Mesree’s name was charged under 7 cases and he is also facing allegations regarding the hacking of USA nuclear software systems.