What Relation Between Nara Rohit and Regina Cassandra?

November 21, 2017 12:52 pm Published by :

Regardless of the success or failure, versatile actor Nara Rohit always select the subjects in his own style. However, the actor has haven’t received any commercial hit. Even the multi starrer movies like Jo Achyutananda, Appatlo Okkadundevadu movies did moderately at the box office, his solo movies like Shankara, Kathalo Rajakumari failed at the box office.

With sheer dedication Nara Rohit worked hard and lost 20 kgs and is going to entertain the audience with his new look in his upcoming movie Balakrishnudu. Chennai beauty Regina Cassandra is playing the female lead in the movie. Ever since the movie got started, rumours came out that the relationship between Nara Rohit and Regina is growing day by day and the duo are now in love with each other. However Nara Rohit reacted on this and denied those rumors. “Rumours came out that I fell in love with Regina but there is no truth in that. As it is our third movie together, the rumours became strong but we share only a professional relationship and nothing more than that.” stated Nara Rohit.

Regina and Nara Rohit shared the screen in Shankara and Jo Achyutananda movies. Again, Regina is playing as the love interest of Nara Rohit for the third time with Balakrishnudu movie. Pavan mallela is making his directorial debut with this flick.