Aramm Movie Review; The Nayanthara starrer is a worth to watch

November 10, 2017 12:19 pm Published by :
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There’s something great about how Nayanthara is picking films outside her comfort zone. Off late, her heroine-centric outings have come off with a whiff of fresh air, though they haven’t worked in full. Aramm, fortunately, is a terrific turnaround for the actress, becoming a triumphant film when it comes to addressing important issues, achieving its motive and keeping one engaged. Debutant director Gopi Nainar, well known for the Kaththi fiasco, has etched out a near perfect incident-based drama that narrates a ground realistic incident in a taut and unadulterated manner.

Though the film does half a clock to set itself in motion, the intent is loud and clear once Nayanthara’s character becomes the central force of the proceedings. Gopi ensures that the emotional content does not edge too preachy, and at the same time, not going over the top with the logical part. As a bonus, we also have some cheer-worthy mass moments for the actress which peak up in the second half. The last 30 minutes are the lynchpin of the film, and are sure to send a lump down your throat and leave you stunned.

Nayanthara is, without doubt, a fantastic person to have in your cast list. Mostly surrounded by male actors, she gives the film the x-factor and extra depth that would have been overlooked with a male hero in the lead. Not even for a second does her character deviate from the original intent, and her impressive facial expressions convey equal weights of what her powerful dialogues do. The supporting cast have excellent scope as well, and succeed in keeping the chronicles as realistic as possible. Special mention goes out to the lady who plays the mother of the three.

Om Prakash’s camerawork is apt for the film, and does its job even when what is required is not an impressive shot but the clarity of conveyancing during a tough angle. Stunt director Peter Hein has been brought on board not for the action per se, but to keep the happenings on believable mode. Music director Ghibran’s songs might be unnecessary, but the BGM is a winner with the emotional themes going well.

Gopi Nainar’s surge towards the dirty politics and equality of status is quite evident through Aramm, as he puts across the message loud and clear without any piggybacking. His modus operandi doesn’t have any commercial compromises and just wants to bring the burning issues to the naked eye, hitting you on the stomach. Aramm is a bold testimony against the flawed system and the people who are responsible for it. Along with Nayanthara, Gopi delivers one of the best films of the year, and an important one at that.

Aramm Movie Review Rating: 4/5