Super Security For ‘Hello’ Footage

November 7, 2017 3:58 pm Published by :

In the recent times, Nagarjuna Akkineni started expressing that media is picking news and stuff related to his films and family much in advance. One could notice how First Look of Akhil’s ‘Hello’ movie got out and the senior star worried about it.

Anyway, rather blaming someone else after such leakages, currently, Nagarjuna is taking huge care of ‘Hello’ such that nothing will be leaked. At Annapurna Studios 7 Acres complex, where Visual Effects work of this Vikram K Kumar directorial is going on, none of the employees are allowed to carry both phone and pen drives. Why such security for Hello footage?

Actually, the visual effects work of Hello is being handled by many other local studios as it is taking huge time to finish. In this process, the pre-VFX shots will be sent here and there through pen drives. In this process, if someone leaks the footage like how Baahubali pre-visualisation footage got leaked, they can’t blame any particular one. For that reason, huge security arrangements are made to safeguard the footage.

Another rumor being heard is that Nagarjuna is also not satisfied with the VFX of Hello like it happened in the case of Raju Gari Gadhi 2 and his other films. Wonder if the film meets December 22nd deadline!!