Now, Ram Gopal Varma versus his daughter!

November 2, 2017 12:17 pm Published by :

Moments after the news broke out that the name of Pawan Kalyan’s baby boy is Mark Shankar Pawanovich, Ram Gopal Varma took to social media to speak his kind of hyperbolic nonsense.

Saying that the name is the greatest he has heard since the origin of the language, RGV went on to sarcastically admire the individualism of Pawanism that is “so very disintegrating but so very illustriously..”.  In his typical style, Ramu described Chiranjeevi as the one who is Pawan’s godfather: “(The name is) a homage to the primary Pawan originator Shanker.”

Interestingly this time around, his daughter Revathy replied to his dad and called out his blabber.  “I did not understand a word of your comment on Pawan Kalyan’s son’s name because what you posted is absolute gibberish.  You just used a bunch of complicated words and unrelated historical references which make zero sense,” she said with a lot of clarity.

To this, Varma replied in his “gibberish” language: “And what you said is basically a representative proof of the Neanderthal state of your highly low understanding of the very openly hidden pseudo philosophical values of Pawan Kalyan thereby firmly establishing the truth that I love him more than you do not and also that you do not love him as much as I do.”