‘Halli Meshtry’ Got an ‘A’ Certificate

October 26, 2017 1:43 pm Published by :

The famous Kannada film song ‘Khaayi Khaayi Nuggekaayi Maiyige Rathriyella Nidde illa Kannige….shot on V Ravichandran and Bindiya in ‘Halli Meshtry’ Kannada cinema explained the power of this vegetable.

Producer and story writer Preeth S Hegde utilizing the erotic power of this vegetable ‘Nugge Kayi’ (drumstick) has related it to the hasty decisions of the younger generation.

The regional censor board certified this film as ‘A’ certificate and the team could not escape the similar certificate from the Tribunal that is headed by TS Nagabharana. In the process it lost six months. The film is ready to hit the screen on November 10 says Preeth Hegde.

The dialogues for trailer that filled with double meaning are purposefully did admit the director Venugopal who has directed five films so far. We are not having in the remaining part of two hours of the film. Like how others have done to gain attraction, this is just to attract. The inner feel of the film is quite different he says. Harayada Huchchattakke Maddu… in the name of sex at young age the youths should not make their miserable is the concern of this film producer. You should not cross the limit says the film ‘Nuggekaayi’.

The songs include a promotional song sung by Suresh, Hane Mele Staru…. Tunturu Maleya Bisila Besugeyali…Nuggekaayi Tinno Aase…were screened and a trailer was also part of the media briefing on Tuesday at SRV Theatre.

Suchindra Prasad a learned actor in his address stated that the intention of the producer is not to give a commercial film but to alert the youths. Although double meaning was discussed the intention of producer is clean and clear he pointed supporting his film.

Madhusudhan protagonist of the film an employee in administration department of KSCA is happy for his selection. He was invited for four days role but later he was given lead role to play. Actress Jennifer, Bank Janardhan, distributor representatives of Fair Films and Gangadhar were present on the dais.