Sai Pallavi Is Upset With The Tagline ‘Mallu Girl’

October 21, 2017 10:43 am Published by :

Southern beauty Sai Pallavi, who gained much fame through her debut Telugu film ‘Fidaa’, is reportedly deeply upset with media and people calling her a ‘Mallu girl’ or a ‘Malayali heroine’.

Some rumors spread recently that claims that Sai Pallavi was in a relationship with a married Tamil hero.

The ‘Premam’ actress didn’t take these rumors seriously but she was miffed with being called a Malayali. Sai Pallavi has reportedly made it clear that she was born and brought up in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and that she was a true-blue Tamil girl. She requested media to address her as a Tamil girl and not a Malayali.

The reason for everyone assuming Sai Pallavi as a Malayali was her debut film, ‘Premam’, a cult Malayalam film which was also remade in Telugu with the same title.

Pallavi’s character from the film, Malar has become so popular that it probably made everyone think she is a Malayali.

Her second film was also in Malayalam. Her third release, ‘Fidaa’ was a Telugu film. She is currently acting in Nani’s ‘MCA’. Her debut Tamil film, ‘Karu’ (Kanam in Telugu) is yet to release.