Rajasekhar’s Garuda Vega Trailer launched

October 18, 2017 12:59 pm Published by :

The Theatrical Trailer of ‘Garuda Vega’ was launched on Tuesday evening by Nandamuri Balakrishna.  The makers were quite happy that Nata Simha accepted their invite and blessed their film with his pure heart.

Balakrishna said, “I congratulate ‘Sodarudu’ Rajasekhar on doing this film.  I have totally loved the Trailer.  I must first talk about Praveen Sattaru, who has always been doing a multitude of genres.  LBW, Chandamama Kathalu, Guntur Talkies, and now this film.  They are totally different from each other.  He is passionate about entertaining people.  And Rajasekhar is a versatile actor.  He has done a diverse of characters, subjects and has the distinction of being quite agile.  Like Nanna garu, I have always loved to do distinct cinema.  I have not shied away from playing negative roles in films like ‘Rana’ and ‘Sultan’.”

Balayya further said, “We should be glad that the Telugu audiences have always accepted novelty and freshness.  Our audiences’ taste is unique among Indians.  I can see that the entire team of ‘Garuda Vega’ has worked extremely hard.  The graphics and the cinematography are looking fabulous.  I wish Shivani and Shivatmika (Rajasekhar’s daughters) all the best.  At a time when corporate culture is finding root in film industry, it’s good that these two girls are in the industry.  Jeevitha seems to be the invisible force behind this film.”

Jeevitha said, “We are grateful to Balakrishna garu for accepting our invite.  When we requested him to be here to unveil the trailer, he not only said OK immediately but also set us the muhurtham.”

Rajasekhar said, “I thank Balakrishna garu for being here today.  When this film’s teaser was released, I had my mother.  But today, she is no more (gets emotional).  But I feel that Balakrishna garu is here with me to compensate for my mother’s loss.  He brings luck to wherever he is.”

The actor further said, “When Praveen Sattaru narrated the story, I expressed doubts.  I asked him if he would be able to execute what he had in mind.  And he has exceeded expectations.  I worked very hard for doing ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘Ahuthi’ and such films.  But I must say that the amount of hard work Praveen made me put for this film is the maximum.  He made me dance on the knees!  I won’t talk much about the film now.  You watch the film and talk about it!”

C Kalyan said, “I have always been close to Rajasekhar’s family.  When Praveen first told me a story many years ago, I told him back then that he will become a big director one day.  Cinematographer Anji is one hungry talent.  I wish that, after this film, Rajasekhar continues to do more and more movies.”

Raj Kandukuri said, “This film comes across like a Hollywood flick.  I treat Rajasekhar’s family as my own.  He is sad that his mother is no more.  But I feel that she is here amidst us in the form of Balakrishna garu.”

Babu Rao, a senior film personality, said, “When T Krishna selected Rajasekhar for ‘Vande Mataram’, none but he alone had faith in his talent.  I advised him against choosing a person with the wrong accent and diction.  But Krishna felt that Rajasekhar will go a long way, thanks to his flexible visage.  I feel ‘Garuda Vega’ has got both human emotions and high technical values.  I wish that Rajasekhar gets back his ‘poorva vaibhavam’ after this film.”

Chalapathi Rao wished the team all the best.

Shraddha Das said, “I was cast as Revolver Rani in ‘Guntur Talkies’.  But in this film, Praveen has cast me in the serious role of a journalist.  Praveen has this knack for narrating things wonderfully.  Seeing Rajasekhar sir in the Teaser, I was reminded of a Hollywood actor.”

Pooja Kumar of ‘Vishwaroopam’ fame said, “It was an amazing experience working with Praveen and the entire team.  Praveen is a true talent that any artist would want to work with.  ‘Garuda Vega’ has the potential to take Telugu cinema to the next level.  We will be proud that a film like this has come from India.  Twenty years down the line, too, we will be proud of this classic.”

Praveen Sattaru said, “When ‘Guntur Talkies’ was made at a cost of Rs. 2 Cr and Balakrishna garu launched its Trailer, it collected Rs. 25 Cr.  We have made ‘Garuda Vega’ at a cost of Rs. 25 Cr.  And Balakrishna garu has once again launched the Trailer.  You can estimate as to how much it will collect!  I appreciate my art director Srikanth, editor Dharmendra and CV Rao of Annapurna Studios’ Vfx team who had earlier worked on ‘Baahubali’.  I feel our film will become a benchmark for Annapurna Studios’s technical output.  As for Jeevitha garu, one can write a whole book on her patience.  She hardly sleeps.  Her confidence has been awesome.”

The fast-paced action thriller releases on November 3rd.