Sur Sur Baththi: Urvashi’s Kannada Movie to Release in Diwali

October 17, 2017 3:45 pm Published by :

South Indian actress of over three decades and commanding for good roles Urvashi was at the promotion of her latest Kannada film ‘Sur Sur Baththi’.

Urvashi in fact wanted this film to release for this Diwali festival as the title is close to this festival of lights.

Thanking Karnataka people for accepting her diction of Kannada the noted actress, heroine of Dr Rajakumar films and a few others in Kannada slowly graduating to comedy and character roles was cool and comfortable in her career.

For Kannada audience Urvashi known from top films like Shravana Banthu, Naanu Nanna Hedthi, Yee Jeeva Ninagaagi, New Delhi, Jeevanadhi, Habba, Kaththegalu sar Kathegalu, Kothigalu Sar Kothigalu, Rama Shama Bhama, Oggarane, recent Shivalinga and others since 1980 started dubbing from Kaththegalu Sar Kaththegalu.

She is happy with the sentiment aspects in the film ‘Sur Sur Baththi’ with comedy dose. This film ‘Sursurbaththi’ has no villains, situations are villain. The comedy transform to tragedy. This is a new team film. In the last five years I am noticing that Kannada films are encouraging newcomers compared to others. This guy Arva has very good timing in comedy complimented Urvashi. He has done it naturally is his capacity she added. Encourage this new team she urged.