TFPC President Vishal proposes five important changes: Will theater owners agree?

October 13, 2017 2:46 pm Published by :

Vishal, the president of Tamil Film Producers Council, has proposed five important changes to make the movie-watching experience of audiences easy, economical and hassle-free. But, will the theatre owners and booking portals come in line? They will surely not, as we already have a few speaking up on their social media pages opposing Vishal’s proposal.


1. No selling tickets above the govt scheduled rates for each class and theatre type.
2. Sell items in the canteen on MRP and viewers can take their own water inside.
3. No parking charges.
4. Online booking charges will be reduced very soon.
5. If any theatre is caught selling more than govt prices, they will face consequences.

Nikilesh Suriya of Rohini Silverscreen tweeted the above when one of the users enquired about abolishing the internet booking charge.