Brainfeeder artist the Gaslamp Killer accused of sexual exploitation

October 13, 2017 12:44 pm Published by :

La,OCt13:In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, a number of sexual assault survivors have come forward to tell their stories in the hopes of preventing others from suffering from similar fates in years to come. While the majority of stories have centred in on Hollywood, new allegations have now surfaced regarding Brainfeeder artist the Gaslamp Killer.

Prominent Twitter user @chelseaelaynne — from here on referred to as Chelsea (who requested Exclaim! do not publish her full name) — has shared a lengthy post detailing some horrific allegations against the producer, whose real name is William Benjamin Bensussen.

Her story, which is embedded below (and features graphically detailed content), claims that she was at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles on July 5, 2013, with a friend. Chelsea says she and her friend RaeAn were drugged by Bensussen, who proceeded to have non-consensual sex with them while they were incapacitated.

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In a separate post, Chelsea adds that she wanted to tag the Gaslamp Killer but noticed he had blocked her on Twitter — something she says she sees as an admission of guilt.

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Read Chelsea’s posts below