Lingerie model, Sarah Stage barely looks pregnant during her ninth month

October 11, 2017 4:47 pm Published by :
Lingerie model, Sarah Stage barely looks pregnant during her ninth month

Burbank,Oct11:Gorgeous lingerie model, Sarah Stage, has captured the attention of many during her second pregnancy. She made headlines during her first pregnancy as she barely looked pregnant at all! Now, she has just entered her ninth month of pregnancy for her second child and barely looks pregnant again!


In fact, others have said that Sarah doesn’t even look pregnant, but just looks like she just ate a burrito. She just shared a photo of herself on social media in a cute Halloween costume dressed like a cat. In her Instagram post, she is wearing a sexy cat suit, thigh high boots, and kitty ears. Even though she is very pregnant, she still has abs. In this post, she says, “When you’re #9monthspregnant but still want to be festive and have fun LOL!”


And earlier she posted in regards to her second pregnancy, “This pregnancy journey is almost coming to an end. Incredibly amazed of what our bodies are capable of achieving, growing a healthy baby inside our bellies is truly a miracle! Remaining positive through this whole experience has given me the extra strength I needed. After all, our thoughts lead to behaviors, behaviors lead to habits, and habits create our life!”

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And indeed, many love watching Sarah through her pregnancy as she has over 2.3 million followers on Instagram.

As her due date is quickly approaching, she told her followers that she is now limiting her workouts to twice a week. For those thinking she doesn’t eat, she recently showed a clip of her making a “salted caramel chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie” that she had been craving.

Congratulations to Sarah on her second pregnancy and upcoming new baby!