Comedian Iliza Shlesinger defends Weinstein Books about ‘Girl Logic’

October 11, 2017 10:09 am Published by :
Comedian Iliza Shlesinger defends Weinstein Books about 'Girl Logic'

LA,OCt11:‘Girl Logic’ is scheduled to be published Nov. 7.
One month ahead of the publication of her book by The Weinstein Co., comedian Iliza Shlesinger took to Twitter to distance herself from the company’s former co-chairman Harvey Weinstein, who is facing allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

Shlesinger said Tuesday that she’d never met Weinstein, but called the allegations against him “deplorable” and “sickening,” and defended Weinstein Books, which is an imprint of Hachette, as having “published many works about female empowerment.”

Shlesinger added that her book, Girl Logic, “celebrates women, feminism, and our right to be bold” and that the book is “a characteristically female way of thinking that appears to be contradictory and circuitous but is actually a complicated and highly evolved way of looking at the world.”

Last week, The New York Times published a report detailing decades of allegations of Weinstein’s sexual harassment and assault, leading to Weinstein’s ousting at The Weinstein Co. On Tuesday morning, The New Yorker also published an expose of the Hollywood producer, including three allegations of rape. Over the past few days, Meryl Streep, Judi Dench, George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, James Gunn, Brie Larson, Megan Ellison, Julianne Moore, Seth Rogen, Kevin Smith, Lena Dunham, Judd Apatow, John Oliver, Patricia Arquette and Mark Ruffalo, among others, have spoken out on Weinstein’s alleged sexual assault claims.