Ram Gopal Varma has a mind-blowing advice for Andhra CM

October 10, 2017 4:22 pm Published by :

Ram Gopal Varma can advice anyone from Narendra Modi to Donald Trump to Aamir Khan and Pawan Kalyan.

He can communicate with any and everybody, including the God he doesn’t believe in, via Facebook and Instagram. And while a Rajamouli and a Boyapati Srinu would need an appointment with Chandrababu Naidu to be able to advice him, RGV needs none.  Ramu’s latest suggestion is to the AP CM.  Here he goes.

“Instead of wasting crores and crores of rupees on building a great-looking Assembly, one mind-blowing idea is for Andhra Pradesh government to conduct all their assembly sessions against a green matte screen and then for telecast purposes ask SS Rajamouli to do CG.  This for sure will beat the look of all the assemblies in the whole world because it will be a Bahubalian Assembly,” he writes.

You are wrong if you think Ramu is worried about the monies involved.  He is only praising Rajamouli here.