TV Actress and Host Mallika No More

October 9, 2017 4:36 pm Published by :

Television show hostess and actress Mallika, on Monday breath her last at her Bengaluru residence.

The former National Basket Ball Player, Aged as 39 and she is survived by her husband and a daughter.

Mallika had been suffering from illness for the past few months.  Since her husband Vijay Sai works in Bengaluru, she had gone there to live with him.  When her health condition deteriorated, Mallika was hospitalized.  She was in coma for 20 days before her death.

Born as Abhinaya, she started out as an anchor, becoming famous in a short period of time.

Mallika was famously seen in K Raghavendra Rao’s ‘Rajakumarudu’ as Krishna’s wife.

Once her health took a beating in recent years, Mallika stopped taking up any TV assignments.  Her dead body will be brought to Hyderabad, where she will be cremated.