Beware!!! Don”t Call Spyder A Flop

October 9, 2017 12:55 pm Published by :

‘Criticism’ is being handled with an iron hand by many movie makers and celebrities these days.

There are many incidents, in which critics are also crossing the line. As a result, increasingly many moviemakers are not taking the criticism on a positive way.

Here is a recent murmur spreading in the Tollywood industry is that  some people from the “Spyder” team are not even hesitating to take a legal attack if someone calls the movie a flop.

One of the popular box-office predictor has announced that the Box-Office figures made by this Mahesh Babu starrer in a week time and declared that the movie is a flop.

According to believable sources, After the prediction about ‘Spyder’, he has now received a legal notice from the makers claiming that revealing box-office numbers of a film is an infringement of copyrights.

If the box office trackers reveal positive figures about big-stars and their movies, we think that, there is no problem. But when the truth is being revealed in the case of a disaster, these big producers are not even bothering to maintain some calm. They want to tackle the truth with legal attacks, it looks like.

On the other side, we suggest that, governments should come up with a mechanism where the collections of any film from any theater will be made public through an online system, it would be very helpful.

If online ticket system is introduced to all theaters, then there will be a chance of such transparency.

One may ask, why would a business establishment reveal its collections openly? Then don’t slap thighs about records!!