Actor Still In Jail; But, The Movie Minted Gold in Kerala Box-Office

September 29, 2017 11:23 am Published by :

Actress molestation case is taking new turns each day while court is repeatedly turning down actor Dileep’s bail petition on the other side. Many supported him in actress molestation case and too many turned against him.

Amidst the current situation with Dileep in jail, his movie Ramaleela got released to screens the other day. The movie is shaking Kerala box office at this moment, as its story and characterizations appear similar to the ongoing case against him. This political backdrop film reflects many incidents to Dileep and sensational case of actress molestation.

A man kills another to avenge something but argues innocent when police arrest him without proofs. The final verdict proves him guilty and that he committed a murder for revenge. The dialogues, court arguments and many scenes relate directly to his present situation, which made the audience connect immediately. Ramaleela is running with houseful collections now!