Ramaleela Movie Review: Arun Gopy succeeded in pulling off a neatly-woven drama

September 28, 2017 3:20 pm Published by :

Ramaleela is an intensely-thought out a politico-crime thriller in which the quirk of fate and the fortunes reverse with alarming frequency. The Dileep-starrer would perhaps be a sure-shot box office winner, which throws up eerie coincidences with the backdrop of the movie’s release itself.

Perhaps, the timing of the release of the movie, which has an uneasy spotlight thrown on it, would play a major role, much like the protagonist of the movie itself, in deciding its commercial success.

Ramanunni’s machinations in politics are as wily as it can be, but it is a far cry from the political background of his staunch communist background. His father is a political martyr and mother still remains the quintessential communist.

The movie, written by Sachy, which unfurls as a family political drama at first soon plunges into chaos with the murder of a key functionary of his erstwhile political party. That it occurs right in the last leg of an election campaign in which he is taking on his own mother adds intense punch to the drama.

The plot then thickens with Ramanunni’s arrest along with his aide (Kalabhavan Shajon) for the murder, which happens during a local football competition in front of a huge crowd. And then, the twists and turns of the plot drag you to the edge of the seat.

Filmmaker Arun Gopy has succeeded in pulling off a neatly-woven drama, where the plot changes track and the lines between the hero and the villain blur even at the last moment.

Despite his absence in public domain, Dileep’s fans have every reason to rejoice. But for some loose ends in the script, Ramaleela pans out neatly.

The political environs of the plot have ample scope for satire of that sort and this has been neatly exploited in the script.

The Machiavellian traits of our political class in the left and right of the spectrum have been neatly portrayed through a string of one-liners, which can only spur laughter across the board.

After the movie, we do know who the hero is, but it is only natural that sweeping comparisons will again inject that element of dilemma and prompt a rethink.

Dileep, Kalabhavan Shajon and Raadhika Sharathkumar have had a memorable outing, but make no mistake, the timing of the release would play a crucial role in the box-office success or failure of this neat thriller.

Perhaps, the final, gripping moments of the movie could easily make you think deeply. So, which side of the box office are you on? Those who would watch Ramaleela or those who won’t for reasons? Only time will tell.

Rating: 3.25/5