Bigg Boss Telugu: Who got the highest remuneration?

September 28, 2017 12:56 pm Published by :

After recording the highest TRP for 70 days, the biggest Telugu reality shows Bigg Boss Telugu season 1 has ended. It’s a pure coincidence that the host NTR’s movie Jai Lava Kusa release and the Big Boss ending happened almost at the same time.

As per the latest reports, it seems that the remuneration the contestants took is larger than their regular payments. Keeping the contestants’ remuneration aside, NTR himself took Rs. 50 lakhs per episode and in the end the winner of the season Shiva Balaji received rupees 50 lacs as prize money.

Some are commenting that the gift money is very low. However, the Big Boss organizers have paid the remuneration to the contestants based on their demand and there are sometimes when they paid Rs. 75000 to 10 lakhs to each contestant.

The Big Boss management counted the number of days the contestants have spent in the Bigg Boss house and based on their call sheets and demand they paid a pretty huge amount as remuneration. As per the news, the winner Siva Balaji got the highest remuneration than other contestants.

Actor Navdeep made a grand wild card entry in the after the 4th week into the Big Boss house it seems that Navadeep has received a big amount as remuneration. After NTR, Navadeep is the one who received the highest payment.