Australian loses whopping 50kg by adopting a potato-only diet for a year

September 27, 2017 5:20 pm Published by :
Australian loses whopping 50kg by adopting a potato-only diet for a year

Sydney,Sept27:Australian Andrew Flinders Taylor has said that he was going to adopt a potato-only diet for a year to lose weight. People though he was mad.

However, the father-of-two lost a whopping 50kg over the course of a year.

 While most doctors or nutritionists, dieticians would never recommend such a restrictive diet, instead asking people to eat a healthy, balanced diet, the potato-only stint seems to have worked for Taylor.

It is important to note that Taylor did take on the challenge only after studying scientific papers and finalising a plan with the help of a doctor and a dietician.

The Australian believed that he could get all the nutrition he needed from potatoes and consumed a mixture of sweet and white varieties.

Speaking to The Independent, Taylor said that he is getting 600 percent of his daily iron requirement and over 400 percent of vitamin c and fibre from potatoes.

Since potatoes did not contain enough calcium, Taylor used to use a calcium fortified organic soy milk to make mashed potatoes.”

While white potatoes do contain all the essential amino acids one needs to build proteins, repair cells and fight diseases, but eating only white potatoes a may result in vitamin deficiencies.

That is the reason Taylor added sweet potatoes to his diet as well. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamins A, E and C.

Despite the fact the he often had to carry hi s potatoes to friends’ places or call up restaurants and ask chefs if they could accommodate him, Taylor is still a potato fan a year on.