Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 11 themed on neighbors list,face of Turkish writer Betul Eldoan

September 19, 2017 2:17 pm Published by :
Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 11 themed on neighbors list,face of Turkish writer Betul Eldoan

Mumbai,Sept19:Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 11 is around the corner. And just like every year, the audience is desperately waiting to get any kind of information about the controversial reality show this time too. So, in order to keep the buzz intact, the makers have been teasing the viewers with small sneak peeks and behind the scenes videos of the show for a few weeks now. But, one of the biggest revelations came when the makers revealed the face of its first contestant. Well, almost!

A scroll down the comments from Twiteratti hinted that this woman might be Turkish writer Betul Eldoan. This is because a similar picture of the woman can also be seen on the cover of a book titled ‘Sen Benimsin’, which flaunts her name.

Some are also calling her Halima Matlub, a Muslim model from England who is married and can be found on Facebook and Instagram, though none of her social media profiles are verified. This maybe because some of her images are similar to what we find on Betul Eldoan’s book. Does that mean she has modeled to be on the cover of Betul’s book?

Bigg Boss will begin its latest season on October 1. With its premiere night just days away, the official Twitter handle of the show released a half-covered face of a woman wrapped in a cloth with only one of her doe eyes visible.

The sensuous and mysterious image was captioned, “Dekhiye Bigg Boss 11 ka live episode from the set! All you have to do is to guess the name of this gorgeous contestant. #BBGuessList”. This has surely left many excited to guess the celebrity as the massive fan base of the reality show and Salman Khan have begun their guess work already. Even the fan pages have become too active, and we don’t blame the viewers, given the popularity of the show.