3-year-old Mississippi boy becomes trending meme of Stephen King’s ‘IT’ clown

September 19, 2017 2:26 pm Published by :
3-year-old Mississippi boy becomes trending meme of Stpehan King's IT

Mississippi ,Sept19:Stephen King’s iconic novel inspired horror film remake IT continues to send shivers down the spines of people even after days of its release. While pictures of a Pennywise-seeming clown sitting in a theatre and watching IT alone sent many on the Internet into frenzy mode, on Instagram, it is a 3-year-old milking the panic mode that people have switched in to.

But a quick look through the Internet will show how people are slowly getting back to their (meme-making) normal selves and are doing what they are known the best for — making memes and this time they are on Pennywise, the creepy clown in town.

While pictures of somebody dressed as a clown and dancing got the Internet worked up in no time, a re-enaction of the scene from the movie where little Georgie steps into the drain where Pennywise lives, turned into hilariously relatable memes, in no time.

‘IT’, the horror film based on Stephen King’s iconic novel has been kicking the living daylights out of everyone. No matter how scary it is, it has been dominating at the box office, smashing all record. While Pennywise, the Dancing Clown played by Bill Skarsgård onscreen has terrified everyone in the real world, it is another clown that is terrifying people on the Internet. Photos of a toddler dressed as the terrifying Pennywise has shocked everyone on social media.

A 3-year-old Mississippi boy has taken Instagram by storm after his elder brother decided to dress-up his baby brother as the iconic clown from King’s novel. Dressed in a white costume very similar to the one seen on film, little Louie looks anything but cute. Eagan Tilghman, 17, a great fan of King decided to dedicate a photo shoot prior to the release of the film and was excited ever since it was announced. “I’ve been waiting on it. Ever since I heard it was coming, I’ve been ready,” he told Inside Edition.

Giving insights about the photo shoot and about his brother, the teen photography enthusiast said, “You tell him to do his happy face and you tell him to do his mean face, and that’s the two faces he did in all the pictures.”