Nepalese movie Rudrapriya music launch of CHIRBIR CHIRBIR CHACHARI

September 11, 2017 6:19 pm Published by :
Nepalese movie Rudrapriya music launch of CHIRBIR CHIRBIR CHACHARI

Kathmandu,Sept11:Rudrapriya posters depict the suspense in the movie

According to production team, few days ago the shooting of ‘Rudrapriya’ has been completed. Film slated to release in Tihar of this year, the film ‘Rudrapriya’ is produced by Saraswati Thapa and Aryan Films whereas Ramesh MK Poudel is the co-producer for the film.


We can see Rekha Thapa and Aaryan Sigdel’s chemistry on the poster. Posters creates some curiosity as we can see Rekha Thapa hiding her half face in the poster. Does it symbolize anything that is related to story or it is just a concept for poster? There arises questions from the poster which can be a good marketing strategy too.


Singer: Rajanraj Shiwakoti,Melina Rai,Greeshma Shiwakoti

Lyrics/Music: Rajanraj Shiwakoti Arranger:Rajan Ishan

Recording/Mixing: Shyam Swet Rashaili (Prisma)

Choreographer: Prabin Singh

Rekha Films Presents RUDHAPRIYA In Cinemas 2nd Kartik/19th Oct 2017 Starting: Rekha Thapa,Aryan Sigdel,Rajan Ishan

Music: Suresh Adhikari,Arjun Pokhrel,Rajanraj Shiwakoti

Story/Screenplay: Sudeep Bobbie Bhupal Singh,Ruby Sen Singh

Produced By: Saraswati Thapa/Aryan Films

Ex. Producer: Ramesh MK Poudel Directed By: Sudeep Bobbie Bhupal Singh

Director: Bobby Bhupal Singh

Casts: Rekha Thapa , Aaryan Sigdel , Bishwa Basnet