‘Machivarla Budha’ movie screened on Marathi Film Festival

September 11, 2017 1:13 pm Published by :
‘Machivarla Budha’ movie screened on Marathi Film Festival

On the second day of the Marathi Film Festival, ‘Machivarla Budha’ movie was screnned on Sunday. It is considered as one of the masterpieces by GN Dandekar.

The movie is all about the relationship between man and nature. It is to be noted that the movie was screened under the two-day Marathi film festival ‘Rajat Rang’ organised by Madhya Pradesh Marathi Sahitya Academy and Madhya Pradesh Cultural Council. The event was held at State animal husbandry training institute auditorium.

The work has philosophical overtones as well as the spirit of adventure about it, and narrates the story of Budha, a man tired of city life, who returns to his native village at Rajmachi harboring a wish to become one with the nature.

The film begins with Budha returning to Rajmachi for good. Some locals help him to build a shack where he starts spending his days. Other than the brief interlude where Budha’s son Nandu tries to persuade Budha to return to the city and a few scenes with Fula, the film largely features Budha talking to his dog, trees, birds and other animals.

The lead character of the film considers that Budha lives alone with no one to talk to, and seeks life away from the city for peace and quiet. At some point of time Buddha’s way of living is seen through dialogues. The Marathi movie was much enjoyed by the audience.

Later, another Marathi movie Khopa was screened at the event. The movie is directed by Sudhir Nikam