Arjun Reddy Succes Story: Investment 4 Crores, Earning 40 Crores

September 11, 2017 1:03 pm Published by :

In the movie industry, the life of producers is generally treated as a gambling.

There were so many incidents from the movie industry when film producers were reduced to rubble. There is no certainty in the film business. On the other hand, some producers have stood like rocks and still ruling the industry.

One of the recent success stories is from producer Panay Vanga for the film ”Arjun Reddy “. Through this movie his fortune turned turtle. He created the movie without much luxury and within a limited budget of 4 Crores.

The producer didn’t prefer a super star cast, lavish locations or huge promotions but the movie is running successfully with the support of public talk.

Arjun Reddy now running in theatres on its’s third week and the movie already collected more than 40 Crores from World wide box offices. This movie not only performed in in Telugu states but from overseas centers also huge collections are pouring in.

Kannada, Hindi and Tamil rights of Arjun Reddy have also been sold out for a huge price. Arjun Reddy made every one profitable.

Pranay Vanga’s investment of 4 Crores has earned him 40 plus crores. Credit goes to his perfect planning and belief in the project. So it is proved that public is the king and any project is successful if the public is satisfied.