Spyder songs leaked !!!

September 9, 2017 4:40 pm Published by :

We have to say this, September second week seems to be the most disappointing week for fans of the big actors in Tollywood. On social media and even

On social media and even at other platforms, we are seeing the trend of fans keeping high expectations on the movies of their beloved stars and then ending up being frustrated or disappointed with them.
Balakrishna started this trend with his Paisa Vasool. Then Jr, NTR’s Kusa teaser did not impress fans much and now, Spyder songs too have joined the list. Mahesh Babu’s most awaited bilingual, Spyder team has decided to release songs composed by Harris Jayraj in a huge event, today at Chennai.
But before they could, songs have been leaked online and all those who have heard them started spreading the bad word of mouth. Already, released two songs, Haali Haali and Boom Boom, have garnered negative feedback as the lyrics seemed to be written as a translation of Tamil lyrics and that trend continued with all the five songs it seems.
Well, the movie is a bilingual and not a Tamil film. Even though Murugadoss is a Tamil director and a renowned one too, but Mahesh is a Telugu hero first. So, the lyrics and even the teaser released have given a feeling that the movie is being made in Tamil and then dubbed into Telugu with Tamil actors.

Fans of the actor, who are already depressed by Brahmostavam debacle and also, huge delay in Spyder are worried if the movie will live up to the huge expectations! So, now it is all up to Muruga sir, as he is affectionately referred to!