Bigg Boss Tamil: Did Oviya just announce her break up with Aarav ‘publicly’?

September 9, 2017 1:13 pm Published by :

Remember the most popular contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil – Oviya Helen?

The diva’s journey on the reality show and her love life had been quite a topic of discussion lately.

Oviya was said to be in love with co-contestant Aarav and even confessed her feelings for him on national television. In fact, she did made every effort to keep her relationship alive with the actor post her exit from Bigg Boss Tamil.

While Oviya’s whose sudden exit from the reality show came as a major shock for everyone, has once again created a buzz in the town after she has apparently announced her break up with Aarav.

The actress who was said to be head over heels in love with Aarav took it to micro-bloggin site Twitter to share her current relationship status.

In her tweet, Oviya wrote that she is single and satisfied with life.

Indeed, her tweet drops major hints about the complications in her relationship and how satisfied she is with calling it quits with Aarav.

Interestingly, her revelation has come as a major shock to everyone given that it’s been a while when Oviya was quoted as saying, “True love never fails. You may think that I must be a crazy for saying this. I believe in love and love still exists.” She also added, “My love is true and I will get it back.”

Notably, Aarav and Oviya’s affair caught the limelight when the two were seen getting close on Kamal Haasan’s Bigg Boss Tamil. However, things turned sour for Oviya soon after she confessed her love for Aarav as the actor started ignoring him.

Distressed with Aarav’s behaviour, Oviya voluntarily walked out of Bigg Boss Tamil and her exit resulted in severa backlashing for Aarav. In fact, Aarav even explained that he always trated the Tamil actress as a good friend.

Looks like Oviya has finally accepted the reality and is in a mood to move on in life.