Sonal Chauhan is Busy in Dating Siddharth Malya?

September 8, 2017 4:19 pm Published by :

Sonal Chauhan is one of the hot beauties we have in Telugu film industry. The actress made her debut in the film Legend and she was also seen in few other big films later.

She was also seen in the films like Size Zero, Pandaga Chesko etc. She is running out of options right now.

The latest gossips from the Film Nagar is that she is in love and is very busy in setting up her relationship right.

The buzz is that she has been in a relationship for quite some time with Siddharth Malya, the son of Vijay Malya.

Earlier, there were rumors that Siddharth dated Deepika Padukone but now the discussion is all about both of them roaming together.

More or less, this is confirmed with some leaked pictures on the social media.