Khushbu Sundar back in Twitter: Lashes Heavily against Central Government

September 8, 2017 11:48 am Published by :
Khushbu come back to the social media platform to register her thoughts strongly.

The recent incidents of Anitha’s suicide and senior journalist Gauri Lankesh’s murder have made Khusbu Sundar, who was on a break from Twitter, come back to the platform to register her thoughts strongly.

“If I dn’t spk nw,I wl b failing as a human n mre so as an Indian who firmly believes n tks pride in r democracy which is murdered under BJP. Murder of #GauriLankesh wakes u up with a thud n gives a stinging slap across every Indian’s face 4 bng tolerant 2 such an incompetent PM,” she tweeted.

“#Anita’s suicide in TN was a stark reality 2 how BJP works n thinks only 4 themselves..how many more killings n suicides dis govt wants 2 c? A voice cn b silenced by bullets but nt d ideas who hve n will cont. 2 fight against d ideas of those who r keen 2 color India in saffron,” she added.