Do You remember Shakeela?

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“I sacrificed myself for my family,” confesses 45-year-old Shakeela, who started her career as a soft-porn actress in several industries and earned a name for herself. Once a controversial actress, she says that her professional life has been quite satisfying. The actress asserts that she is someone who has always followed her heart in spite of several restrictions from her relatives. She, however, feels that her life is incomplete now, as there is no shoulder for her to cry on.

Shakeela avers that her relatives were always against her getting into films as she hailed from a conservative Muslim family. “My family was struggling a lot for money , and that’s why I decided to foray into films. If I had listened to my relatives and stopped pursuing my film dreams, my family would have suffered. I decided to sacrifice myself for my family. My parents initially had apprehensions, but understood what I was doing -in fact, they accompanied me to the shooting spot very often.”

Silk Smitha Was Her Inspiration:

Ask her why she opted to do glamorous and bold roles, and she says, “Silk Smitha was my inspiration back then. I admired her a lot, and aspired to do glamorous roles better than her. My first movie was with her, and I played her sister. I have seen her acting in two-piece outfits and short skirts. It inspired me to take up similar roles on screen in a much more glamorous way. Initially, there were restrictions from my family -they asked me not to wear skimpy outfits and sleeveless attires, but at the end of the day, we needed money .”

Her Family Wasn’t Aware of Her Roles:

Shakeela says that when she started her career, no one was aware of the kind of roles she was doing, and the languages in which her movies were releasing. “Even my close ones didn’t know what kind of roles I was donning. Today, if someone searches my name in Google, several glamorous and raunchy images pop up, which I never expected back then.”

She adds, “Even my own sisters are not contacting anymore. Everyone avoided me completely and are busy with their own families.”

She Wanted to be the best in Everything:

She asserts that she was a person who always wanted to be the best in whatever she does. “Even when I cook a dish, I make sure that it tastes well. I have always been a fighter, and want to be the best in whatever I do. I still don’t have any regrets about my life, as I made an identity in the industry, and I starred in 400 films in all south languages.The only thing which I regret is that I couldn’t fulfil the dream of my parents -that of myself getting married to someone in my younger age. Now I find it difficult to take decisions without them. I often feel that I am all alone.”
She Want all Women to Be Bold:

She adds, “I have always been a bold woman all through my life and have never cared about society’s perception. I want all women to be bold in their own way. The society doesn’t decide what we are, as it has different topics to worry about each day.Our life shouldn’t be dictated by others when nobody wants to see our heart.”

No Conditions Apply: 

One incident which happened more than a decade ago in my life still hurts me. I think it was in 2006 that I walked into a court for a case wearing a burqa. A few people from my community protested my presence there and imposed a condition on me that I shouldn’t to wear a burqa owing to my stint with B-grade films.I can never forget the humiliation I suffered that day. My profession is completely different from my personal belief and religion. Wearing a burqa is my birth right. No one has the right to take away my rights or religious beliefs just because I have done glamorous roles. I always have the habit of wearing a burqa when I travel on train or go for shopping. I follow that even now, and will do always.”