Bigg Boss Telugu: Mumaith Khan became the Captain of the House

September 2, 2017 10:47 am Published by :

Actress Mumaith Khan is trying for captaincy from ‘Bigg Boss Telugu’ show from it’s starting onwards.

Everyone sympathized when she has eliminated from the show without becoming a captain.

But Now, Mumaith shocked everyone with her re-entry to the show and this week she became captain for ‘Bigg Boss’ house. Everyone supported Mumaith Khan in captaincy task.

In captaincy task, the house members should keep a balloon around their waist. And the balloon should be burst with the needle gave by Bigg Boss. In this task first Hari Teja voluntarily burst her balloon. Following by Shiva Balaji, Prince, Adarsh busted their own balloons.

But Archana and Deeksha fought for the captaincy that Archana busted Deeksha balloon. And Navdeep busted Archana balloon and finally, Prince busted Navdeep ballon.

Like that Mumaith Khan became the captain of ‘Bigg Boss’ house this week.

Let’s see how is the 35-Year-old Mumaith Khan going to play as Captain…?