Kicha Sudeep and Wife Priya are Reuniting

August 25, 2017 2:47 pm Published by :

Bengaluru: Sandalwood star Sudeep and his wife Priya have withdrawn the divorce petition from the family court and decided to reunite again bringing cheer among his fans, friends, and relatives.

Sudeep and Priya forwarded their plea to family court seeking withdrawal of divorce petition through their lawyer Bhaskar, according to sources close to the couple.

Actor Sudeep had married Priya Radha Krishnan, who belonged to Nair family based in Kerala in 2001. Sudeep and Priya decided to part ways after differences cropped up in their personal lives.

After that, in order to buy extra time, both were evading court proceedings on a regular basis. Meanwhile, reconciliation efforts were on to bring the couple.

The reunion of Kichha Sudeep and Priya on the eve of Gauri Ganesh festival has brought in cheers among their loved ones as well as set a new precedent in the society that divorce isn’t the last option in married lives.