Vivegam Movie Review: A One Man Army Packed with Action

August 24, 2017 10:16 am Published by :

SYNOPSIS: The story revolves around a group of counter-terrorism agents who are hired to track down a man who was once the head of their squad, and has gone rogue in the world of shadows.

REVIEW:  Just as its name ,Vivegam is an over-the-top sensible but engaging action thriller with a calculated mix of brawn and brain, action and sentiment, smartly pandering to fans catering to families audiences also . Right from the moment the film begins, it is all about one man — Ajay Kumar or AK (Ajith Kumar).

Having been the head of a counter-terrorism squad, AK now most wanted by the intelligence agencies. After his daring strike on a terrorist outfit gives him a hard drive containing codes to launch a nuclear weapon. Assembled to track him down are his former team mates, his friend Aryan Singha (Vivek Anand Oberoi), Mike (Serge Crozon), Rachael (Amila Terzimehic) and Shawn (Arav Chowdharry).

As a team, their previous mission involved capturing Natasha (Akshara Haasan), a brilliant hacker who possessed the codes to launch deadly man-made earthquakes with the nuclear weapons.

The protagonist AK succeeds in tracking down the hacker, by going on an unexpected rage-filled revenge spree! Meanwhile, there is also AK’s pregnant wife Yazhini (Kajal Aggarwal), who is also involved as a player in the life-threatening mission he embarks on.

Vivegam promises action packed thriller playing to the male bravado and ego and it is what the film offers — bangs for every buck. And Ajith takes it upon himself to single handed combat and verbal jousting in all scenes, to provide plenty of mass-hero inspiring moments (a shirt-ripping, six-pack showcasing proud moment is one highlight) and innumerable punch dialogues  and one liners, crowd pleasers(like this one as Jaikaradhukku munnadi kondadradhum jaichadhukku aprom aadradhum namma agaradhilaye illa).

Vivek Oberoi, who appears in stylish attire, is often used to hype up AK (or rather Ajith), giving fans plenty of whistle-worthy moments in the first half.

However, the dubbing for the actor gives the film an out of place lip synchronized feeling.

Kajal, who plays AK’s wife, also pines away for her husband and also proves to be his biggest strength, is quite appreciative, while Akshara Haasan,  who is in her first Tamil debut, acquits herself well in an extended cameo role.

Director Siva sticks to flared up the process of filmmaking style which includes ramped-up visuals and hyper-editing, but not limited to it. The audience needs some time to get used to the rhythm of the film, which is way over the top of a normal expected pace.

It even feels like an all out assault on our senses, initially. The scenes involving fair skinned people talking in Tamil is quite comical and bizarre.

The film in flashback mode narrates the mission to capture Natasha, how things start to get engaging. Karunakaran, who appears in these portions, acts as a good comic relief and adds to the humor present as a sidekick in the film. The stunts are exciting and well timed, enough to keep us hooked.

The film really takes off in the second half, by when we have gotten used to its loudness. And Anirudh’s electric (and again, loud) score lends punch to the proceedings.

The audience can expect to get a formidable antagonist, a friend-turned-foe, whom AK has to take down and stop mass destruction. The battle between them is largely one of the wits and it is these moves and counter-moves that give the film its rush. After all, it is the battle between good and evil.