Sai Pallavi didn’t like to act in Kissing Scenes

August 19, 2017 1:39 pm Published by :

Hyderabad: It seems that Sai Pallavi is making rules of her own after her success with ‘Fidaa’.

Sai Pallavi, the Mallu girl,  says that she is all in for movies that are experimental in nature and interesting in tone but refrains from movies that would demand her to show her skin and kiss on-screen.

“It was because of my parents, I am here. I just want to make them comfortable when they watch my films. I am strongly against kissing scenes and skin show. I have to be responsible when they gave me the freedom to pursue my dreams,” she told in a daily lead interview.

Well, good for her, as she can work according to her comfort zone and respecting her own self before anyone else’s.