Yes, This is good manners! Salman Khan repays half of the losses caused to the distributors of Tubelight!

August 11, 2017 11:25 am Published by :
Salman Khan in Tubelight

Mumbai: We all know very well that which is the way our Movie Industry Rolls on. A producers produce the film and sell it to the distributor on an out right , and the distributor makes sure the film reaches to the audience well, if so only he can earn every penny.

It is no brainier that, movies with bigger start-cast cost more to distributors, which they pay as they are more assured of the success. But what if this equation and calculation fall flat on the face, which is what happened in the case of ‘Tubelight’, the Salman Khan Starrer movie,  and the catastrophe it caused in the industry.

Earlier, it was in the news that as most of the distributors have demanded remuneration of the funds they invested in buying distribution rights of ‘Tubelight’, and even Salman Khan, who also produced this film under Salman Khan Films, had also agreed to pay refund by the end of July this year.

Though Salman Khan was busy in shooting for Yash Raj Film’s Tiger Zinda Hai, but as soon as he landed in the Mumbai, on 9th August, Salman called up the distributors including Shreyans Hirawat, who was Maharashtra distributor and reimbursed a hefty amount of 32.5crores, which was half of the losses and the other half are to be bared!