‘The bed with acting package in Mollywood’ : Hima Shankar slams media

August 11, 2017 3:45 pm Published by :

Kochi: Actress Hima Shankar criticized media for highlighting her remark on ‘the bed with acting package’ in Malayalam industry instead of promoting the movie ‘Sarvopari Paalakkaran’.

Hima made the remark while addressing a press meet organised for the promotion of the movie.

Posting a video on Facebook, she alleged that though she addressed the media as an actress in the movie, her reply on casting couch was highlighted in the media.

“Sarvopari Paalakkaran is a movie which I can relate to my life. The movie talks about the girls who are independent and travel alone. But instead of talking about the movie, the media is discussing my remark on ‘Bed with Acting Package.’ It disgusted me a lot,” said Hima.

In the video, she said that many people offered her chance in films with the ‘Bed with acting package’ but she rejected it. She added that she has commitment to life and criticised the media for reporting the news to increase their rating.