Bigg Boss Tamil: The show TRP is sinking, All Expectations on Oviya’s Wild Card Entry

August 11, 2017 11:07 am Published by :

Chennai: After the unexpected exit of Oviya Helen from the Bigg Boss Tamil Reality Show, the most fans back-upped contestant of the show, the fans and followers of the artist is on a great sorrow.

In Social media sites like Twitter, Hashtags like #OviyaArmy #Oviyans brought unprecedented fame to not just Oviya Helen but also increased the Engagement for Bigg Boss Tamil on Social Media.

However since Oviya Helen’s exit last weekend, there’s suddenly a drop in the show’s popularity and BARC Rating which is visible in the number of comments that used to be in hundreds earlier as compared to just a few in this week.

There is a talk surrounding everywhere that Oviya should return back the show through a Wild Card entry.  And it is pretty much the need of the hour for Bigg Boss Tamil to maintain its BARC Ratings  like first five weeks.

The crew members of the Bigg Boss Tamil thought that the entry of Bindhu should compensate the absence of Oviya.

But Unfortunately, Bindhu’s entry in the Bigg Boss Tamil house failed to create any interest among the audience while Oviya’s exit left her fans fuming and irate with Aarav and other housemates who cornered Oviya and frustrated her to an extent where she lost her mental control.

Now, the atmosphere in the Bigg Boss house is quite friendly and natural after Oviya Helen’s exit and Julie’s elimination. There’s a big change in Raiza’s temperament and so with Aarav’s attitude. There’s hardly any problem amongst the current inmates and things seemingly are monotonous. There was a certain charm inside the house with Oviya, a level of disagreement within inmates, a feeling to outshine Oviya inside everyone.

With reports of Oviya making a return in the Bigg Boss Tamil House, it would be out of the ordinary to see how the inmates react to her re-entry. Rumor has it that Oviya Helen was paid RS 2.5 Lakh/day and that could double when she’ll make her return in the house.